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There is no better way to update your room and increase the value of your home that the use of wall tile. Whether you prefer marble or granite, porcelain or ceramic, you will find a wide range of shades, shapes and sizes. At Wall Tile Guys we can help you transform your space using tile. We take your satisfaction seriously and we guarantee every project.

Professional installation and inspection

We Wall Tile Guys will schedule for your wall tile installation. We will sit down with you to understand d your needs before embarking on the project. After completing the project, the installer will meet with you to carry out a final inspection and be assured that you are satisfied.

Wide range of products

At Wall Tile Guys we have a wide range of products that can help to bring your vision to life. We offer a solid commitment to the highest quality. For many years, we have been delivering products that are exceptional. Our customer service is always the best. Therefore, you can brighten up any space from the foyer to the bath to the kitchen with a new style of tile. We have a commitment to stay ahead of the rest and always have the most progressive innovations.

Why wall tile

Tiles finishes can be used in a wide ranger of beautiful and durable wall surfaces. In fact tile outperforms other common finishes such as vinyl and carpets. We Wall Tile Guys have a wealth of experience in installation of a wide ranger of tiles for use in different segments of the market such as hospitality, healthcare, office, education, manufacturing and many others.

Surface preparation

No one understands better how to prepare the surface than we Wall Tile Guys. We can install tile in most substrates that are structurally sound as long as they are clean, dry, smooth and with no wax, grease or soap scum. Before we carry out installation, we repair, level or patch any damaged, uneven or loose areas. We also remove any trim, moldings, appliances etc that could interfere with installation. We can undercut door jambs to enable tile to slip under.

Wall layout

We should start by finding the wall’s center point. Draw a plumb line using the level at the center of the wall. We then lay out loose tile across the wall’s bottom from center line while leaving some uniform joints between the tiles. We Wall Tile Guys have products with integral space lugs to ensure that we can butt tile together while a joint of 1/16 automatically. The next step involves the lowest point of a tub or floor while using a level in a horizontal manner. You should stack 2 tiles here while drawing a horizontal line on the wall. Using the level, continue you line around the side walls that are to be tiled.

Applying adhesives

You must choose the right adhesive for your substrate of choice. Be sure to read and follow instructions as well as the precautions at the packaging of the mortar or adhesive package. Ensure that you only mix what is enough for use within 30 minutes. If you would like us to transform your space using tile, contact us on 888-472-9111.

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